About bulletproof ceramics introduction

About bulletproof ceramics introduction

Manufacturing process: After turning the fine alumina powder into ultra-fine alumina powder and grinding and dispersing for many times, we have manufactured the advanced bulletproof alumina ceramic material by pressing and molding and sintering at high temperature.

The ceramic absorbs the kinetic energy of the projectile due to its rupture. Ceramic armor systems consist of a single piece of ceramic or ceramic-metal composite covered with a high tensile strength organic fiber-bonded nylon cloth layer.Bulletproof ceramics sheets are also called ceramic bulletproof plates or ceramic bulletproof inserts, and the main types are alumina ceramics.

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Zhejiang Weilan Hangdun Precision Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced ceramic manufacturer specializing in production, research and development and sales in China. The company has a well-trained professional technical team with core technologies of precision ceramics such as ceramic substrates, structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Committed to the development and sales of high-quality alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride and other advanced ceramics, including ceramic substrates, IC packaging substrates, LED packaging substrates and high-strength structural ceramics.

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Advantages of Bulletproof ceramics | Stable Material Structure

Ballistic-resistant ceramics have a stable material structure

Ceramic material has always been one of the most stable materials, and its special molecular structure brings it great creep resistance. Unlike some pure high-performance fiber plates such as PE plates, ceramic ones can withstand great pressure without deformation. In addition, it has good water resistance, heat resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Therefore, ceramic equipment can be used and preserved under any environmental condition.

Advantages of Bulletproof ceramics | Stable Material Structure

Advantages of Bulletproof Ceramics | Good bulletproof effect

Bulletproof ceramics have good bulletproof effect

Compared with traditional metal plates, ceramic plates have much stronger bulletproof capability, based on their special molecular structure. These ceramics are often in the form of a composite blend. Now often lots of Ceramic plates have a Polyethylene or Kevlar blended back. This is mainly just for reducing blunt force or acting as a backer for the bullets. it consists of a single ceramic or ceramic-metal composite covered with nylon cloth combined with high-tensile organic fibers. Ceramic plates are so strong that they can crash bullets at the moment the impact happens. At the same time, the ceramic plate will be impacted and cracked. During which most of the kinetic energy of the bullet will be dispersed and consumed. Finally, the broken bullet will be intercepted and captured by the high-performance fiber backplane.

Advantages of Bulletproof Ceramics | Good bulletproof effect

Bulletproof Ceramics | Bulletproof Principles of Ceramic Materials

The basic principle of armor protection is to consume projectile energy, slow the projectile down, and render it harmless. Most of the traditional engineering materials, such as metal materials, absorb energy through plastic deformation of the structure, while ceramic materials absorb energy through the micro-breaking process.

The energy absorption process of bulletproof ceramics can be roughly divided into three stages:

  • Initial impact stage: the projectile hits the ceramic surface, blunts the warhead, and absorbs energy in the process of smashing the ceramic surface to form a small and hard fragmented area;
  • Erosion stage: the dull projectile continues to erode the fragment area, forming a continuous layer of ceramic fragments;
  • Deformation, cracking and fracture stage: Finally, tensile stress is generated in the ceramic to break the ceramic, and then the back plate is deformed, and all the remaining energy is absorbed by the deformation of the back plate material. When the projectile hits the ceramic, both the projectile and the ceramic are damaged.
Bulletproof Ceramics | Bulletproof Principles of Ceramic Materials

Advantages of Bulletproof Ceramics | High strength and Light Weight

Bulletproof ceramics offer high strength and light weight

The effect of force is mutual. To smash a bullet, the ceramic needs to be hard enough to counteract the kinetic energy of a high-velocity bullet. In addition, ceramic plates are much lighter in weight than metal plates. Typically, a NIJ III ceramic plate weighs only 2 kg (4.5 to 5 lbs). The excessive weight of bulletproof panels has always been one of the most concerned and difficult problems for people to overcome. The lighter plate can greatly reduce the user's physical exertion, while allowing more flexibility in tactical activities. This is why ceramic plates are more popular with some users.

Advantages of Bulletproof Ceramics | High strength and Light Weight
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