About the Introduction of Jet Mill

About the Introduction of Jet Mill

The crushing mechanism that the jet mill is mainly suitable for determines its wide application range and high finished product fineness. Typical materials are: super-hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. High-purity requirements: ceramic pigments, pharmaceuticals, Biochemical, etc., low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. By changing the ordinary air in the gas source part to inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, the machine can be turned into an inert gas protection equipment, which is suitable for the crushing and classification of flammable, explosive, and oxidizable materials.

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Jet Mill | Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

Jet mill (fluidized bed jet mill) is a compressed air that is accelerated into a supersonic airflow through a Laval nozzle and then injected into the pulverizing zone to make the material fluidized (airflow expansion is a fluidized bed suspension boiling and collides with each other), Therefore each particle has the same motion state. In the crushing zone, the accelerated particles collide and crush each other at the intersection of the nozzles. The pulverized material is transported to the classification area by the upward air flow, and the fine powder that meets the particle size requirement is screened out by the horizontally arranged classification wheel, and the coarse powder that does not meet the particle size requirement is returned to the pulverizing area for further pulverization. The qualified fine powder enters the high-efficiency cyclone separator with the airflow to be collected, and the dust-laden gas is filtered and purified by the dust collector and then discharged into the atmosphere.

Jet Mill | Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

Working Principle of Jet Mill

The jet mill, cyclone separator, dust collector and induced draft fan form a complete set of crushing system. After the compressed air is filtered and dried, it is sprayed into the crushing chamber at a high speed through the Laval nozzle. At the intersection of multiple high-pressure airflows, the material is repeatedly collided, rubbed and sheared and crushed. The crushed material rises with the action of the fan. The airflow moves to the grading area. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating grading turbine, the coarse and fine materials are separated. The fine particles that meet the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator and the dust collector through the grading wheel for collection. The coarse particles descend to the crushing area and continue to be crushed. .

Working Principle of Jet Mill

Jet Mill | Circulating Tube Air Mill

Jet mill classification:Spray airflow grinding

The raw materials are fed into the crushing chamber by a venturi nozzle, and the high-pressure air flow is sprayed into the racetrack-shaped circulating tube crushing chamber with unequal diameter and variable curvature through a set of nozzles, and the particles are accelerated to collide, collide, and rub against each other to be crushed. At the same time, the swirling flow also drives the crushed particles up the pipeline into the classification area, and the dense material flow is divided under the action of the centrifugal force field in the classification area. The coarse particles are returned to the outer layer along the descending pipe to continue to circulate and crush.

Jet Mill | Circulating Tube Air Mill

Jet Mill | Counter-Jet Jet Mill

Jet Mill Classification:Circulating tubular jet mill

After the material enters the crushing chamber through the screw feeder, the impact energy of high-speed airflow is ejected from several oppositely arranged nozzles, and the collision and friction force generated by the rapid expansion of the airflow to form a fluidized bed suspension and boiling will crush the material. The coarse and fine mixed powder is driven by the negative pressure airflow through the turbine classification device set on the top, the fine powder is forced to pass through the classification device, and is collected by the cyclone collector and bag filter, and the coarse powder is thrown by gravity and centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification device Go to the four walls and settle back to the crushing chamber to continue crushing.

Jet Mill | Counter-Jet Jet Mill
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