Alumina Ceramic Substrate Brand | Buy Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Alumina Ceramic Substrate Brand | Buy Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Alumina ceramic substrates are made of bauxite and can be molded using injection molding, molding, isostatic pressing, grouting, diamond machining and extrusion. Like aluminum nitride and other important engineering materials, alumina can be produced by dry pressing and sintering or hot pressing with appropriate sintering aids.

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Zhejiang Weilan Hangdun Precision Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced ceramic manufacturer specializing in production, research and development and sales in China. The company has a well-trained professional technical team with core technologies of precision ceramics such as ceramic substrates, structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Committed to the development and sales of high-quality alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride and other advanced ceramics, including ceramic substrates, IC packaging substrates, LED packaging substrates and high-strength structural ceramics.

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Alumina Ceramic Substrate | Ceramic Substrate for Chip Resistors

Alumina ceramic substrates are widely used ceramic substrates. It is prepared by tape casting. Appropriate mineral raw materials are added to the 96% alumina ceramic substrate material as a co-solvent. The ceramic substrate has the main advantages of small size, light weight, high temperature resistance, high electrical insulation performance, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and thermal expansion coefficient similar to the component, which greatly improves the circuit performance. The reliability and wiring density of the circuit are the carrier material of the chip resistor element.

Alumina Ceramic Substrate | Ceramic Substrate for Chip Resistors

Alumina Ceramic Substrate | Thick Film Hybrid Circuit Ceramic Board

Alumina Ceramic Substrate | Better thermal cycle performance, high cycle times and high reliability. Like the PCB board (or the IMS substrate), it can etch the structure of various patterns; no pollution and no pollution. The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of silicon, which simplifies the production process of power modules. The tape-cast ceramic substrate has good flatness, smooth surface and good electrical properties; high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient matching other materials; good mechanical properties; high temperature, high pressure and high stability. It is used in ceramic copper clad laminates, ceramic circuit boards, ceramic heating plates, thick film circuit boards and other products.

Alumina Ceramic Substrate | Thick Film Hybrid Circuit Ceramic Board

Application of Alumina Ceramic Substrates

Application areas of alumina ceramic substrates

  • LED power lighting.
  • Power control circuit, power mixing circuit.
  • Automotive electronics, aerospace and military electronic components.
  • Intelligent power components: high frequency switching power supply, solid state relay.
  • High-power power semiconductor modules: semiconductor refrigerators, electronic heaters.
  • Solar panel components: special switches for telecommunications, receiving systems, lasers and other industrial electronics.
Application of Alumina Ceramic Substrates

Principle of Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Alumina Ceramic Substrate | There is an oxide film on the surface of the alumina ceramic liner, which will improve the hardness and wear resistance of the liner. Its oxide film formation principle is no different from that of water electrolysis. Not only molecular oxygen is precipitated on the plate anode, but also ionic oxygen and atomic oxygen, and molecular oxygen appears in the reaction. The aluminum of the anode of the lining plate is precipitated and oxidized to form anhydrous aluminum oxide film. However, the generated oxygen does not completely chemically interact with the aluminum, and part of it is precipitated in the form of gas and adheres to the surface of the lining plate to form an oxide film. The principle of alumina ceramic liner generates an oxide film, which has very good lubricity and insulation, and can absorb various lubricants.

Principle of Alumina Ceramic Substrate
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Alumina is the best known chemically and physically stable fine ceramic material. Thermal Properties: High heat resistance and high thermal conductivity.

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