About Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics Introduction

About Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics Introduction

Bulletproof ceramics have become a new star in the bulletproof industry. Its high strength, high hardness and lower density compared to metal make it a very popular bulletproof material. Ceramic bulletproof sheets are also called ceramic bulletproof plates or ceramic bulletproof inserts, and the main types are alumina ceramics.

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Zhejiang Weilan Hangdun Precision Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced ceramic manufacturer specializing in production, research and development and sales in China. The company has a well-trained professional technical team with core technologies of precision ceramics such as ceramic substrates, structural ceramics and functional ceramics. Committed to the development and sales of high-quality alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride and other advanced ceramics, including ceramic substrates, IC packaging substrates, LED packaging substrates and high-strength structural ceramics.

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Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Dry Press Forming

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Alumina ceramics are commonly used for dry pressing

Alumina ceramic dry pressing technology is limited to objects with a simple shape, an inner wall thickness of more than 1 mm, and a length-to-diameter ratio of not more than 4:1. The molding method is uniaxial or bidirectional. There are two types of presses, hydraulic and mechanical, which can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The maximum pressure of the press is 200Mpa. Due to the uniform stroke pressure of the hydraulic press, the height of the pressed parts is different when the powder filling is different. However, the pressure applied by the mechanical press varies with the amount of powder filling, which may easily lead to differences in dimensional shrinkage after sintering and affect product quality. Therefore, the uniform distribution of powder particles during dry pressing is very important for mold filling.

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Dry Press Forming

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Advantages of Alumina Bulletproof Ceramics

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Alumina ceramic bulletproof sheets are inserted in high-strength and high-modulus fiber composite panels. Its high specific stiffness, high specific strength and chemical inertness in many environments make it almost impossible to plastic deformation. When the ceramic layer collides, the ceramic layer shatters or cracks and diffuses around the impact point to consume most of the energy of the projectile, and then the high-modulus fiber composite plate further consumes the remaining energy of the projectile, and the warhead will be due to its own high strength. And hardness characteristics and passivation or even broken, so as to achieve the purpose of bulletproof.

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Advantages of Alumina Bulletproof Ceramics

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | The Role of Alumina Ceramics

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics |The properties of alumina and its role in ceramics are mainly:
Wear resistance, increase strength, and form a surface composite coating, which can improve the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the substrate surface and endow the substrate surface with new mechanical, thermal, optical, electromagnetic and catalytic sensitive functions. . To achieve the purpose of surface modification and functionalization of materials

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | The Role of Alumina Ceramics

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Injection Molding

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Alumina Ceramic Slurry Molding

Slotting molding is the earliest molding method used for alumina ceramics. The use of plaster molds is low cost and easy to form parts with large dimensions and complex shapes. The key to grouting is the preparation of alumina slurry. Usually water is used as the flux medium, and then debonding agent and binder are added, fully ground and exhausted, and then poured into the plaster mold. Due to the adsorption of water by the capillary of the plaster mold, the slurry solidifies in the mold. When hollow grouting, when the mold wall absorbs the slurry to the required thickness, the excess slurry needs to be poured out. In order to reduce the shrinkage of the green body, a high-concentration slurry should be used as much as possible.

Bulletproof Alumina Ceramics | Injection Molding
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